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Introduction to Wilco Technologies

Wilco Technologies specialise in resin bolting, specifically resin capsule installation. Our aim is to supply quality products that provide our clients with effective solutions for underground strata control.

The Trajectaflex* Resin Firing System was first trialled at BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam mine site in February 2005 – where it is still current practice. Efficiency and safety were the key drivers for improving resin set bolting cycle times.

Wilco Technologies draws from 18 years first-hand experience in underground hard rock development mining. Managing Director, Michael Williams, has a sound knowledge and experience in the field, having been through the full cycle of development mining.

*Trajectaflex is a registered trademark of Michael Dene Williams.

BHP Billiton Olympic Dam Mine

Trajectaflex Resin Firing System was first trialled at BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam mine site in February 2005.

Through my experience as a jumbo operator I could see the need for a faster, safer and simplified solution for installing resin set bolts with a development jumbo drill. The Trajectaflex Resin Firing System has evolved from initial concept by keeping a simplistic approach to design which now provides an efficient, low maintenance, user-friendly alternative for resin set bolting.
Michael Williams (Managing Director).

Trajectaflex Resin Firing System

Trajectaflex Resin Firing System fitted to a Jumbo drill.


Wilco Technologies supplied and fitted the Trajectaflex Resin Firing System to an Epiroc 104 single boom jumbo at one of our mining operations.

Ground conditions called for “in cycle” shotcrete to 50mm with fully encapsulated 1.8m resin bolts for final ground support. We have found this resin firing system to be a robust, quick and reliable method of installing resin cartridges.

With the “single pass” boom motion and ease of hole location we can save approximately 30-40 minutes in our bolting cycles compared to other “plastic tube” installation systems we have used on site.

Recent independent pull test results confirm that bolts installed correctly using the Trajectaflex system have performed in line with expectations.

Wilco Technologies have provided excellent back up service and operator training with this system, making it a very cost effective method of installing resin bolt cartridges.

D. M. Dryburgh (Underground Supervisor GBF Tanami Pty Ltd)

‘Trajectaflex’ rock bolting for underground mining brochure.