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Resin Firing System
A safer, more efficient option for
underground mining rock bolting
2023 Energy Resources Exporter of the Year Award - Wilco Technologies

Making Underground Mining Safer

Australian MadeEfficient and safe work practices are key considerations in any mining operation. In underground mine development and civil tunnelling “ground support” is critical. Potential for rock-falls and roof collapse can be high in the sometimes hazardous underground mine environment.

Wilco Technologies specialises in ground support, more specifically on resin set bolting. Resin bolting involves installing two pack synthetic resin capsules into a pre-drilled bolt hole in which a steel bolt is inserted and spun to mix the resin glue.

A substantial number or Australian mines have adopted resin bolts as best practice. This is due to the increased life span of the bolt along with reduced installation and mine rehabilitation costs.

Wilco Technologies is at the forefront of this development having designed and manufactured the ‘Trajectaflex’ Resin Firing System which installs resin capsules for resin bolting.


Our unique spring design allows the nozzle to FLEX and SELF INDEX into the bolt hole.


Extension sockets for resin bolt installation are available in a range of sizes.


The ‘Trajectaflex’ Resin Firing System can be used with fibre crete and mesh.

Underground rock bolting with a Jumbo drill

Wilco Technologies ‘Trajectaflex’ resin firing system in operation. A Jumbo drills the bolt hole using the Trajectaflex system installing resin capsules and inserting the resin bolt. The rock bolt is pushed and spun to the back of the bolt hole mixing and bonding with the resin glue. Keeping the drill operator on the work platform for longer periods of time, the Trajectaflex resin firing system offers reduced bolting cycle times and significant increases in productivity and safety.

Drilling holes, filling with resin and loading bolts

Single Jumbo operator drilling holes, filling with resin and loading bolts. Wilco Technologies are specialists in Resin Firing System for underground mining, rock bolting using a jumbo drill. Since 2005, Wilco Technologies have manufactured and supported the Trajectaflex Resin Firing System for underground mining. Installed onto any Jumbo drill it provides significant increases in productivity and safety and reduces resin set bolting cycle times.

Revolutionary spring design

With the nozzle tip engaged at the collar of the bolt hole the operator can slew or dump the feed rail left, right or back and forward. With one of these movements the tip will align with the hole through the flex of the spring.
➊ Full extension nozzle located collar of hole
➋ Part flex in spring as boom or rail is moved
➌ Increased flex as nozzle tip enters hole
➍ Perfect nozzle location. Tip fully inserted into hole, back pressure slots are clear. Slight gap between nozzle tip taper and collar of hole

Trajectaflex Nozzle Alignment

Trajectaflex Resin Firing System Customers

Kamoa Copper
(P.R. Congo)

Australian Contract
(Western Australia)

Murray & Roberts Lewcor

(Burnie, Tasmania)


(West Papua)

BHP Billiton
(Olympic Dam)


(Broken Hill)

Gold Fields
(Granny Smith Mine WA)

Sandvik Malaysia
(Savannakhet Province, Laos)

Galantas Gold
(Omagh, Northern Ireland)


Epiroc Central Asia
(Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)

Epiroc South Africa
(Boksburg South Africa)

Coyote Mine
(NT / WA Border)

Sydney Tunnel
(West Connex)

Redpath Contracting
(Rosebery, Tasmania)

Redpath Contracting
(Potosi Mine, Broken Hill)

‘Trajectaflex’ rock bolting for underground mining brochure.